Living Facebook dream or how to redesign Order Food feature

Living Facebook dream or how to redesign Order Food feature

Living in the times of digital expansion is very challenging for a user.

We are being exposed to different products offering us multiple approaches to same old problems. But it seems that the core of human concern remains the same in all live areas — how to save time. Time is not only money. Most of all, time is our main point of reference in everyday duties, and gives us a sense of freedom. That is the main reason we hate to waste our time for unnecessary activities (unless it is wasted in a pleasant way) — we don’t want to feel limited.

This is exactly what happens when we give a credit of trust to various mobile applications, believing that they will be capable to cover all of our needs. Unfortunately, everything has its limits, and as a result, users change their habits looking for better (UX-friendly), faster (optimized) and global solutions. Thereby complexity seems to be a reasonable trend in digital design.

An interesting example revealed itself in food industry. When Uber introduced its Uber Eats service, market reacted quite enthusiastically. But what about a regular user? From our point of view, it is just another product to accommodate to.

At some point we were outraged by the fact, that we can’t have everything in one place.

Our thought was: “since so many people spend most of their (social) life on Facebook — looking for new acquaintances, following news, looking for events to participate in and places to visit — how come it doesn’t offer such a basic feature as food ordering?“. It happened just a month before Facebook announced its new feature called ‘Order Food’.

On one hand, it was a refreshing information. All in all we were not alone struggling with this thought and finally someone decided to deal with it. But on the opposite side — pure brilliance of our idea evaporated in the minute that announcement was made. Nevertheless, we decided not to give up and just wait until we can see with our own eyes what Order Food exactly was. Apparently it was a disappointment — just a small feature available only in US, giving you a chance to order food, which could be delivered only by three chosen companies. Quite limited possibilities, especially if you are not living in US.

And here is where all the fun has begun.

We did our best to plan, design and visualize how we wish Order Food looked like in our perfect, imaginary and idealistic world. Whole project was aimed to make a simulation of how regular restaurant services (such as food order, delivery and reservations) could be integrated with present Facebook layout (with some visual upgrades of course). And that’s how Facebook Food concept was brought to life.


Facebook Food is an integrated feature for restaurant fanpages, which allows clients to make use of reaturants’ basic services:

– food order
– food delivery
– table reservation

without a need to go to external web pages.

The goal was to add new possibilities while still keeping “Facebook feeling” for final user. Of course main functionalities such as: timeline, top navigation, contact list, and general modular order where kept almost untouched.



Facebook Food would be an inbuilt feature, thus it should refer to Facebook original logo, but a chef’s hat touch makes its food reference much more articulated.


Step 1:

A major change is adding the “restaurant navigation” on the left side of the screen, where you could personalize restaurant choice.


Step 2:

Simple design allows you to pick your food quickly.


Step 3:

Facebook Food would be fully responsive. Once you are done with ordering food on your laptop, you could easily check on delivery status on your mobile, while chilling on a coach.



Just few taps, and you are ready for a date.. or a meeting. Or a date. Yeah, you should definitely go on a date.


During working of the Facebook Food project our main motivation was a simple need to make the world better and user-friendly place. We don’t claim any rights to Facebook functionalities, we only hoped to bring to light its huge potential.

Hope you enjoyed our idea. Check the project on Behance and Dribbble!

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